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According to a research by Blue Sprig Autism, not one but many subtypes of autism in children are influenced by a mixture of genetic and environmental factors. Details of ways in which children with autism acquire, absorb and solve problems can be different, and can range from skillfulness to the critically challenged. In some cases, they may live wholly independent There are factors that may influence the development of autism. Most of the indicators of autism in children mostly appear by age of two to three years as we can see here. Some of the symptoms of autism in children may be linked with a wide range of traits which can be treated using austin aba therapy.
They may also suffer from difficulties in social communication skills. They may utter cries, shrieks, or throaty, harsh sounds and hum or talk in a musical way. They may use the correct phrases and sentences but with an unexpressive tone of voice. According to Blue Sprig Autism, major causes of autism may begin with having an immediate family member with autism. Known as “Classic Autism”, Autistic disorder causes a child to have major language delays, social-communication challenges, and an unusual lack of interests. Asperger syndrome is where the child usually has milder symptoms of autistic disorder. Pervasive Development Disorder is where the child suffering from it usually has fewer and milder symptoms than those with autistic disorder. Even if a child hasn’t been officially diagnosed with blue spring autism spectrum disorder, he or she can benefit from certain types of treatments. Different treatment apply to children depending on the severity of the autism condition Aba treatments start with therapists trying to improve speech and behavior. Applied Behavior treatment is one of the treatment that is mostly used in schools and clinics to help children with autism learn positive behaviors and reduce negative ones. By joining the autistic child in play, the therapist gets to add something new to the game, such as new toys, or a few words to include to the language game. Floor time treatment is meant to create a game that goes back and forth between the child suffering from blue spring autism. When children with autism play, they are able to express themselves Offering play therapy to children with blue spring autism can therefore improve their social and emotional skills. The teach treatment is very effective This form of treatment uses symbols instead of picture cards. The patients will be able to grow and interact with others They have to know how to hold a conversation and understand both verbal and nonverbal signs from other children such as facial expressions and body language You can get information on blue spring autism using information in the internet.