Steel Cutting Machines

Steel is one of the major commonly used metals in the world. It comprises of Iron and Carbon alloy, and thus it is one of the strongest and hardest metals utilized in the building of infrastructures and industrial manufacture of metallic pieces, for example, car parts and machinery parts. It is resistant to rust, and it is easily bendable. There are many advantages associated with steel, and therefore the skills necessary to make use of it is widely known. From processing to making something out of the metal is critical value information.

Steel cutting is the process by which a steel material is cut and turned into a sizable, proper dimensional piece, fit for its use. Cutting of metal such as steel can be done through various methods and these includes;

· The manual cutting, hacksaw or any cutting hand operated tool, is used to cut the steel manually

· Cutting by machine, this is where machine such as grinders and drillers are used to cut into pieces or cut the core in metal.

· Laser technology. Laser beams burn and cut through the metal.

· Cutting using chemicals, specialized chemical reagents are used for specific metals.

· Erosion technique utilizes a mixture of water and abrasives at a very high force to erode off the metal thus cutting it into the preferred sizes.

The modern technology has embraced machine cutting technology due to its simplicity and precision. These devices also come with a programmable database to ensure that most processes are automated. Therefore, the end product is always appealing. Straight core cutting requires precision and accuracy, and therefore, a particular type of machine has been made for that purpose.

Properties of a Good Steel Core cutting machine;

· The tool should be easy to use and be automated in that, most processes can be adjustable, and any error corrected as soon as it arises.

· It should be able to cut the different core sizes by allowing fitting of different size cutting blades; the changing process should be easy.

· A good machine should require fewer maintenance services.


Silicon steel commonly used magnetic core is preferred for its great unique energy conserving abilities. Therefore while cutting these cores into the steel metal to be used, care and accuracy are required. Only a good machine can help you in this. The above-listed properties should be considered by any metal factory while ordering and purchasing for the cutting machine; only genuine ones can provide the right services.